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Vestalife, is the trading name for PEL Altraplan (Gibraltar) PCC Limited, established as a Gibraltar Protected Cell Company.

A Protected Cell Company is a company which segregates the assets and liabilities from each other and from the general assets of the PCC. Gibraltar was the first jurisdiction within the European Union to implement PCC legislation.

Our expertise: life insurance
Vestalife is a Gibraltar-based life insurance company operating under the Freedom to Provide Services.

Freedom to Provide Services

The European single investment market created by successive EU directives allows a European insurer based in one European Union country to market its products and provide cross-border services in another European state without having to establish branches or subsidiaries in the target country.

GIBRALTAR & EU directives?

Vestalife is regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Gibraltar is a part of the European Union , having joined under the British Treaty of Accession (1973), with exemption from some areas such as the Customs Union and Common Agricultural Policy .

Through our contracts, we offer the ideal investment solution for your future plans.

Here are some of the advantages of life insurance:

  • tailored wealth management
  • a favourable tax regime in most European countries
  • solid protection for your investment
  • optimisation of the security/return ratio
  • coverage in the event of death.

Our aims and our skills - Bring on the challenges! 
Vestalife’s aim is to expand and to be a pre-eminent partner in our field for a diversified and high demanding clientele.

Here are some of our key assets:

  • multilingual, skilled and motivated men and women serving our partners and our clients,
  • flexible and efficient products,
  • freedom of choice out of the best funds,
  • innovative, personalised and high-quality service.

Our distribution network - Building solid and lifelong relations! 
Vestalife distributes its products mainly through independent brokers and bank insurers. We guarantee our intermediaries constant support, which allows them to offer their clients the best services.

Vestalife's extra assets for financial intermediaries:

  • a comprehensive range of life insurance products,
  • a dynamic team of specialists in the field,
  • freedom of choice out of a wide range of funds,
  • detailed contract information and constantly updated financial information,
  • a regularly updated website dedicated to both intermediaries and clients.